Scott are one of the higher end suppliers with a huge assortment of bikes from commuters to full out enduro electric bikes

If you are looking for all the advantage of cycling but with a little extra assistance, our electric bikes are made for you. Our range extends from electric mountain bikes, trekking e-bikes, hybrid electric bikes to urban electric bikes. There are models for men, women and even kids. You will definitely find the perfect bike for your needs. Time to go further and easier.

Electric bikes are enormously popular all over Europe

 Many countries realising their potential as excellent methods of transport as well as making their lives more ecologically aware and sustainable.


Rok’s electric bikes are environmentally friendly methods of transport but beyond their sustainability, they are also more efficient methods of commuting to the UK.

Wisper Electric Bikes are based in Kent, UK, and offer a wide range of the highest quality electric bikes, using the latest motor and battery technology to ensure a Wisper eBike is the best available. 

Whether you are looking for a better way to commute, a relaxing way to tour the countryside, or a powerful eMTB to explore the hills, Wisper Electric Bikes are the perfect way to power your adventure.

EZEGO fresh UK bike range combines great British design with high quality manufacturing, and market leading components, to craft the ultimate commuter, and casual rider experience.

They have also upgraded to their new 2020 250w motors.